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Social Media Growth

To grow socially you have to be clever. Social media users grow savvier every day. You can't simply promote your product.

Social media consumption happens fast. Consumers want an immediate pleasure response. To retain focus, brands need useful, engaging content. You've already identified your audience. How are you speaking to it? Are the members of your audience speaking to each other on your behalf?

[Insert Swayfield here.] With our tools you start the right conversation and watch the growth.


Brand Recognition

You advertise. You follow branding basics: consistency, demographic analysis and targeting. But are you gaining traction socially?

Social Media is all about interaction; interaction that makes us feel connected. Brand's need to connect in a way that results in the lateral movement of its message among followers and potential customers. But why would your customers want to promote you in their social feeds? How can your brand convert your followers into social ambassadors? How are you furthering your recognition socially?

Talk with us. Answering these questions is what we do.



All analytics are not created equal. At Swayfield, we care about numbers that are actionable; numbers that tell a story. The story helps us determine what to do next.

Our focus is on interactions that drive social media exposure and boost the macro conversions we're all fighting for. But how can your brand increase interactions? Focus on the right interactions and improving conversions of these interactions, is the foundation of storyboarding your next engaging campaign.

Don't just run a campaign. Analyze. Then, run a campaign that can make your brand smarter and more effective.


Sales Funnels / Goals

Social campaigns help you achieve your brand's higher goals. The beauty of a social campaign is it can be tailored to fit a variety of goals.

In service of your primary goal, you may want to grow a mailing list, improve customer relations, outperform your competition socially, or simply attempt to increase awareness of your product or message.

A good campaign can achieve a number of these ancillary goals in parallel. It's our job at Swayfield to provide you with the tools to widen your sales funnels and outreach. Increasing your audience across multiple mediums, ultimately, means increasing your conversions.

Now, funnel yourself down to our contact form and partner with Swayfield. We look forward to running your next social campaign.


Our Platform: SoCamp

Socamp is a social media campaign management platform capable of running all your social contests, sweepstakes, challenges, surveys, and polls from your microsite.

Where SoCamp really shines is in user-generated content campaigns. Let your users create content for you and watch as their content spreads your message.

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