Nonprofits are our specialty

With our content and social media marketing techniques, our mission is to help your organization fundraise and flourish.

Targeting either donors or sponsors, we aid your 501c3 in creating new and engaging touch points for your followers and sponsors to hook into. With our tools and expertise we'll help your team raise money, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and grow your following with social media and email capture.

New streams of revenue

You won't pay us a dime

You read that correctly. The Swayfield model is to be of service to nonprofits without taking from them.

How, you wonder? Our offerings provide additional touch points for your sponsors to leverage in their marketing platforms. This opens your nonprofit up to new streams of revenue. Through profit sharing our services are covered and your organization furthers its fundraising efforts.


Sponsorship sales

Our approach to sponsorships is a bit different.

We think about sponsorships more like partnerships. The primary directive: a creative win strategy focused first on a sponsor's target market, then the sponsor, then the nonprofit. Ultimately, everybody wins.

We aid in sponsorship sales at whatever capacity your organization sees fit, from proposal, to accompaniment, to brokering.

SoCamp - Share

We provide several Benefits

With our tools and content marketing strategies, we can push your nonprofit past plateaus. Below are just a few benefits to working with Swayfield.

  • Socially engage your audience, giving your followers a sense of belonging and community
  • Turn your followers into “brand ambassadors” who share your message with their peers
  • Generate sponsorship revenue with new offerings and touch points
  • Control, own, and reuse branded user-generated content
  • Capture emails to expand your database
  • Gain insight with our platform’s robust social analytics
Nonprofit Case Study

Case Study: #DelawareRiverMeans

This digital engagement is the result of our work with the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed.

In an effort to engage untapped constituents of the Delaware River watershed and to capture email addresses for the Coalition, participants were asked to share photos and stories themed around their relationship with the Delaware.

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